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Your Local Agency in Göcek for Charter License and Transit Log, Bareboat & Skippered Charter, Flotilla Sailing, Yacht Management and Maintenance

Irmak Yachting's main base is in Göcek which is surrounded by heavenly atmosphere. It is a perfect place for cruising among Fethiye and Göcek bays.

Since the time period you have for your holiday is really valuable we give special importance for the maintenance of the boat. Bareboat and Skippered charter is our main business. Our fleet is getting younger every year.

Irmak Yachting also provides Management for your yachts. We take care of formalities and maintenance of your boat through the year.

You can also join our flotilla and improve your sailing skills. You can get ICC through SunSea Yachting during these flotillas.

What we do

  • Bareboat Charter
  • Skippered Charter
  • Maintenance
  • Yacht Management
  • Yacht registry
  • Check in / out to Turkey
  • Charter License
  • Transit Log
  • Sailing training

Tolga Tozkar

Tolga TozkarBorn in Göcek. He started working at yachts when he was a teenager. Sea and seaman become the real school for him. He has been a base Manager for different yachting companies from Caribbean to Göcek. >>read more

Cetin Yilmaz

Cetin YilmazKnown for his consultancy for international engineering projects Çetin Yılmaz is a professor of civil engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He likes jogging, skiing, windsurfing and he got >>read more

Ebru Yilmaz

Ebru YilmazSince 2020, in addition to being an architect by profession, she has been working in the management her family company; Irmak Yachting. After graduating from TED Ankara College, she completed >>read more

Irmak Ozkazanc

Irmak OzkazancIrmak was born in 1999, and gave her name to Irmak Yachting. When Irmak Yachting was established in late 2013, the company's CEO Çetin Yılmaz and one of his partners Ebru Yılmaz thought that the name Irmak >>read more

Guclu Yilmaz

Guclu YilmazHas a B.A. in Economics in Ankara University and he has interest in verity of subjects (T.M. , astronomy, go, gamelan music). Sailing has been added to this list after he moved to Göcek in 2014. He is the >>read more