Make Your Sailing Holiday Unique

Turkkey’s Turquoise Coast boasts a very large sailing area.  With Göcek as a home port, you can sail as much or as little as you like.  Whether going NW to Marmaris, SE to Kalkan/Kaş or simply enjoying the many coves in the bays of Göcek and Fethiye, any plan can make an interesting and adventurous sailing holiday.

Our itineraries are for one and two week sails.  In total, nearly 30 locations have been selected – towns to coves, sophisticated to rustic.  A brief summary of each port is accessible through links on the itineraries pages.  They are all beautiful and interesting places.  We think you will have as difficult a time making selections as we did.

Itineraries were developed to provide an active sailing plan involving staying in a different port each night.  For a more relaxed schedule, any number of ports can easily be eliminated in order to remain in a location of choice for multiple nights.  The exception is the last night in Göcek due to the need to return the yacht the following morning.

Further, many of the stops in the Skopea Limani and Kekova Roads are very close together and, therefore, interchangeable.

The itineraries were designed to be a guide – the choices are all yours.

Two Special Areas of Interest

The Skopea Limani

Of particular note for moving out of the home port of Göcek, is the Skopea Limani.  It is considered a jewel of sailing in Turkey.  It includes 13 popular named bays and coves and is dotted with small beaches.  Five achorages in the area are included in our suggested itineraries:

For more information on The Skopea Limani, click here.

The Kekova Roads

If going southeast towards Kalkan and Kaş, you might want to explore another special area called The Kekova Roads.  It is an area that runs inside a four mile long island.  While it requires careful sailing around reefs and underwater rocks, the reward is seeing a magical place of crystal clear water, submerged ancient city ruins, rock caves and isolated coves.  We have included five stops in the area:

For more information on The Kekova Roads, click here.

One Week Holidays

Moving NW toward Marmaris, a sailing plan covering 120 nautical miles can be easily achieved.  If the ports to the SE are more to your liking and a more aggressive itinerary is desired, 135-175 nautical miles will take you to the SE toward Kalkan/Kaş/The Kekova Roads and back.  Alternatively, a more leisurely sail in Skopea Limani, Göcek Bay and to the Fethiye area provide a 70 nautical mile sail plan.

For more information on one week itineraries and port descriptions, click here.

Two Week Holidays

Our two week itineraries extend NW beyond Marmaris to the Hisarönü Peninsula and Datça for a total of 220-240 nautical miles, a sail SE down to Kalkan/Kaş and beyond to the stunning and unique Kekova Roads  area covers 195-210 nautical miles and a more leisurely plan in the vicinity closer to the home port and Fethiye takes you 180 nautical miles.

For more information on two week itineraries and port descriptions, click here.