Tersane/The Kekova Roads  36°10.36′N, 29°50.77′E

Tersane is a tiny, well-sheltered cove on the NW side of Kekova Island.  If there is room, since it is generally packed with tripper boats during the season, you can anchor in 4-5 metres and take a line ashore to either side. The bottom is sand and rock and provides good holding.

There are a couple of ropes tied through the rocks on either side of the inlet which can be used to take a stern line.  However, tripper boats come and go all day from morning until late night.  Since the daytime wind tends to blow down the inlet, they lay their anchors to the wind while their clients go for a splash.  This means an anchor chain laid across the inlet is likely to eventually be snagged by one of them.  Given this, arriving late and leaving early, at least during the season, tends to be a good plan.

At its head, the cove is dominated by a collapsed arch of a Byzantine church.  To the east of the cove, one can see many submerged ruins (Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine). Snorkeling here, in the crystal-clear water, is definitely worth your while, despite the endless procession of day-trip boats with glass bottoms and loudspeakers.

If you cannot find room to anchor in Tersane, a possible visit from Kale Köy or Uçagiz by dinghy is worth while.


  • Anchorage only
  • No harbour
  • No restaurant

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