Skopea Limani 36°40.4′N, 29°52.8′E (and vicinity)

Skopea Limani is a large, mostly enclosed gulf that lies seven miles SW of Göcek and 11 miles west of Fethiye.  It is bordered on the west side by the Kapidaği Peninsula and on the east by the islands of Domuz and Tersane.

It is one of the most beautiful cruising areas in Turkey, with numerous sheltered coves ringed with pines.  Several have established restaurants, complete with simple wooden jetties and laid moorings. The whole area is hugely popular with private yachts and gulets.

There are dozens of anchorages around the gulf and regular visitors have their own favorites. All anchorages share the same characteristic of being quite deep until close inshore, and you will often be dropping anchor in 15–20 metres to take lines ashore.  Skopea Limani is, therefore. not a place to visit with less than at least 50–60 metres of anchor chain. Holding is mostly good in sand with some mud and rocks.

The gulf is very sheltered in most weather and the anchorages are little affected by conditions in the wider sea area.  However, gusts will be experienced in most of them when the winds are strong. The centre of the gulf in such conditions gives some exhilarating sailing in flat water and is often used as a race venue by the local yacht clubs.

Ecological Concerns
Skopea Limani is perhaps the most-sailed area of Turkey.  It is critical that all visitors treat it with respect to avoid the stringent restrictions that are threatened by the authorities.  The Blue Lagoon at Ölüdeniz was once one of Turkey’s most beautiful anchorages but is now closed to yachts forever due to mistreatment of the land and sea.  All yachtsmen should be vigilant to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to Skopea Limani.