Sarsala Bay/ The Skopea Limani  36°40.4′N, 28°52.1′E

Anchoring is possible in any of the coves, depending on conditions, but you will be dropping in at least 15 metres.  The bottom is mostly sand, rock and stones and the holding is not reliable.  Take care to make sure you are secure.

At the centre cove,  mooring on the restaurant jetty is possible where there is space for 20-30 yachts in depths of 4 metres on laid moorings.  Restaurant staff will help moor, taking lines to steel rings nailed to the planking of the jetty (so perhaps not a good place to be in unsettled weather).

The shelter in Sarsala Bay is good from all directions except NE.  In the prevailing W/NW winds, however, gusts will be experienced from both sides.  There is also occasional swell from passing gulets heading for the beach at the northern end of the bay.


  • Small local restaurant
  • Jetty for 20-30 yachts
  • Mooring/anchoring
  • No harbour

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