Kumlu Buku 36°45.15′N, 28°16.63′E

Kumlu Buku is a large bay lying one mile north of Kadirga Limani.  It is located at the opening of the bay leading to Marmaris and, therefore, a popular stop over those traveling into and out of the yachting hub. Set in a beautiful landscape, the bay is overlooked by the ruins of the ancient settlement of Amos.  There is an acropolis, an amphitheater, a temple and an altar to Dionysus dating from the fourth century. B.C.  It’s quite a hike cup to the site but worth the reward of magnificent views over the bay.
A restaurant with enticing straw huts full of giant cushions sits right on the shore and is a delightful place to relax.  As the sun sets, the restaurant staff light huge torches all down the beach and the jetties are lit with underwater lights.  It’s  a spectacular sight.

The pristine, clear waters offer good snorkeling. Preferred mooring  is found on restaurant jetties and laid moorings provided by a yacht club located in the south of the bay.  Anchoring is possible off the beach in the south corner of the bay in 6-8 meters but the bottom is sand and gravel and does not hold well.


  • Restaurant
  • Jetties
  • Laid moorings
  • Anchoring not recommended
  • Nearby yacht club
  • No harbour

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