Gemiler Adasi  36°34′N, 29°04.3′E

Gemiler Adasi, an island three miles west of Öludeniz, has an attractive anchorage on the north side which can be used in settled weather.  Anchor in 15–20 metres and take a line ashore.  Often rather aggressive “boat boys” will approach and offer to take your lines (for a tip, of course). The shore is lined with Byzantine ruins, extending some 15-20 metres out under the water. The setting is most picturesque. On the island are the remains of several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, along with a variety of associated buildings.

Archaeologists believe it was the location of the original tomb of Saint Nicholas.  The Turkish name of Gemiler Adasi, meaning “Island of Boats”, is a possible reference to St. Nicholas’s role as the patron saint of sailors.  The island was also referred to as St. Nicholas Island by seafarers in the medieval period.  


  • Anchorage
  • No harbour

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