Datça 36°43.10′N, 27°41.06′E

Datça used to be a pleasant harbour in a sleepy provincial town. In the last few years, however, it has grown into a booming resort with high-rise buildings, bars and nightclubs.  The harbour at night can be noisy but it is still a convenient and interesting port.
The harbour has been upgraded and the area designated for yachts has been extended.  To the west, it has an area of decking and new stainless steel mooring rings along the quay.  It is now operated as a marina and can accommodate 30–40 yachts. However, it is a very popular so it is wise to arrive early during high season.  If the harbour is full, there are good anchorages both south and north of the harbour, depending on wind direction.

Yachts anchor and moor to the quay as directed by harbour staff.  Anchor in 5–6 metres and go back to the quay.  The holding is good in mud and sand. Water and electricity are available on the quay and are included in the mooring fee.

It is also possible to anchor off in either the South or North Bay, where the holding is good in sand.  The South Bay normally offers better protection in the prevailing winds and is just off the main town beach.  The water is clear enough to swim off your boat.


  • Abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs
  • Variety of provisioning options
  • Harbour mooring for 30-40 yachts
  • Anchoring possibilities in north and south bays
  • Water, electricity available on the quay

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